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Pre workouts are a dime a dozen. They tout themselves as the ultimate performance enhancer that delivers insane energy, mind-melting focus, and sleeve-busting pumps. But there’s a problem…

99% of pre workouts on the market don’t do anything but produce feel so etc etc, due to a mix of cost-cutting measures and/or poor formulations.

This has left athletes searching high and low for a true pre workout, one that enhances energy, focus, pumps, and most importantly performance!

PreCre by Muscle Elements is the solution to your pre workout woes!

What is PreCre?

PreCre takes a completely unique approach to pre workouts, developing a formula around proven performance-enhancing ingredients and openly disclosing the amount of each ingredient. That means there are NO proprietary blends with PreCre!

PreCre’s unique formula contains over 20 grams of extensively researched ingredients including 5 grams of creatine per scoop, along with other proven performance enhancers including betaine, beta alanine, and COP to work in conjunction with creatine to fight off lactic acid, increase intracellular concentrations of carnosine, and boost ATP production enabling you to push your muscles further than ever before!

Muscle Elements has also included a duo of high-performance carbohydrates to support energy production and deliver those highly sought after muscle pumps you crave each and every workout. Plus, PreCre also includes the trademarked grape seed extract, PTS Surge, to support nitric oxide production and vasodilation for those “skin-splitting” pumps you’ve always wanted.etaine, beta alanine and more to work synergistically with its creatine.

Finally, PreCre utilizes a finely-tuned combination of caffeine, guarana extract, tyrosine, and DMAE to provide the intense energy, motivation, and tunnel-vision focus you need to get off of the couch and train!

Quite simply, PreCre is the pre workout fuel for the battle-hardened body every athlete needs when they gear up for training.

PreCre Benefits

Enhances strength, power and lean muscle mass
Encourages muscle fullness from glycogen compensation
Improves resistance to fatigue and physical performance
Supports muscle growth
Increases energy and mental focus

PreCre Ingredients:

Cyclic Dextrin (5g) - fast-digesting carbohydrate derived from amylopectin, a starch found in plants. Cyclic dextrins unique, highly branched structure speeds its travel through the digestive system with no stomach upset or heavy feeling and is then rapidly absorbed by your muscles to support energy production and glycogen replenishment.

Modified Glucose Polymers (5g Maltodextrin) - a polysaccharide typically source from corn, potatoes or rice. Maltodextrin is another “performance” carbohydrate ideal for athletes due to its rapid digestion and absorption. Studies using it have noted reduced fatigue, increased endurance capacity, improved exercise performance, and enhanced recovery*.

PTS Surge™ (100mg) - a group of polyphenols naturally-occuring in grapes including resveratrol, pterostilbene, piceatannol and piceid that have been well-documented to confer cardioprotective effects by enhancing nitric oxide production.

Betaine HCL (1.5g) - a nutrient found in beets, liver, eggs and fish derived from the amino acid glycine. Betaine serves many role in the body, acting as as antioxidant, reducing homocysteine levels, and supporting healthy blood vessels*. More importantly, betaine has been shown to increase strength and power, as well as enhance endogenous creatine production.

CarnoSyn® Beta alanine (1.2g) - an amino acid that binds to histidine in skeletal muscle to produce carnosine, a powerful intracellular buffer that helps reduce fatigue by buffering hydrogen ions. Beta alanine is the rate-limiting precursor of carnosine, meaning that without enough beta alanine, carnosine production suffers, and with it exercise capacity and endurance.

Creatine (5g total) - Creatine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body that provides enhances ATP production, supporting greater power output, stamina, strength, and lean mass gains. Creatine is the most heavily studied supplement of all time, proven time and again to deliver. No pre workout is complete without it, and for that reason, PreCre includes a full 5 grams of creatine per serving from two highly bioavailable sources, including creatine monohydrate and creatine hydrochloride

COP MAX® (500mg) - not to be confused with creatine, COP Max is a patented form of creatinol-o-phosphate, a creatine analog that functions similar to beta alanine. COP Max improves performance by buffering accumulation of lactic acid, thereby beating back the “burning” sensation in skeletal muscle, allowing you to exercise for longer bouts before succumbing to fatigue

Taurine (1g) - an amino acid derived from cysteine that plays a role in cardiac function, cognitive function, and skeletal muscle function. Research notes that taurine supplementation may increase muscular performance and exercise capacity while also reducing lactic acid accumulation, muscle damage and oxidative stress after exercise.

Caffeine Anydrous (200mg) - a powerful central nervous system and metabolic stimulant that is naturally found in coffee beans, tea and guarana. Caffeine increases energy, thermogenesis, alertness, and exercise performance, while also reducing hunger and fatigue. It is the consummate pre workout ingredient, providing the “giddy up” you need to get in the gym and get to work ASAP.

Guarana extract (200mg) - an herbal extract native to South America used to stimulate metabolism and increase energy levels. Guarana seeds contains caffeine, and Muscle Elements has standardized this extract for 22% caffeine, providing an additional 44mg of caffeine, bringing the total caffeine content of PreCre to 244mg per serving.

N-Acetyl Tyrosine (500mg) - a form of the amino acid tyrosine that readily crosses the blood-brain barrier where it serves as a precursor to dopamine, a vital neurotransmitter which plays a key role in elevating cognitive function, focus and motivation. Tyrosine also helps combat stress and may improve exercise capacity during intense training sessions.

DMAE (150mg) - a naturally-occurring metabolite of choline found in the brain that supports focus and concentration by enhancing production of acetylcholine (the “learning neurotransmitter”). Short for dimethylaminoethanol, DMAE enhances circulating choline which supports mood, memory, and learning.

Di-Calcium Phosphate, Di-Potassium Phosphate, & Di-Sodium Phosphate (200mg each) - Intense training brings about intense sweating, and with that comes the loss of valuable water and electrolytes, which are critical to hydration, concentration, and muscle function. PreCre supplies a trio of essential electrolytes to improve fluid balance and electrolyte levels affected during exercise.